Saturday, October 10, 2009


Ed came home from the hospital on Saturday, having completed his second round of chemo. He is not experiencing any pain. His attitude remains very positive. Ed is not worrying about the cancer. He says that is the job of his doctors. He says his job is to do what the doctors tell him to do! He believes he will be healed. We are standing in agreement with him and with Cora.

Ed is starting to loose his hair, but other than being pretty tired, is not experiencing too many negative effects from the chemo. This week, Ed will visit Fred Hutch to be prepped for a bone marrow transplant, to be scheduled some time in the future.

Ed was able to preach on Sunday at RHCF, the church he co-pastors with Cora :-)

Prayer requests: Finances continue to be a need, as medications and treatments are expensive.
A donor match for bone marrow, Ed was adopted, so no relatives are available.
Doctors, nurses and staff at Virginia Mason & Fred Hutch
The entire Jackson family

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Thank you for continuing to keep the entire Jackson family in your prayers,

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