Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Happy New Year! Since the Real Deal Heal Appeal in November, it has been a roller coaster ride for Ed and his family. Ed was released form the hospital on the same day as the benefit dinner auction, and he loved every minute of it. There were people from every facet of his life there, and each of you was a blessing to him.

He was able to stay home through Thanksgiving, which was a gift to the whole family. In early December, Ed went in to Virginia Mason for round six (of eight) chemo sessions. He came through it fine, but a few days later developed a staff infection and was hospitalized with a high fever, and severe weakness. He was pretty sick for about a week, but is back home in time for Christmas, and is doing fine now. He tires easily, but is as determined as ever to finish the healing process.

Ed’s doctor has requested that Fred Hutch take him without having the last two rounds of chemo, as his body has shown no sign of cancer in the last several tests. Chemo is a delicate balance between killing enough - but not too many cells in the body. Not enough and the cancer flourishes. Too much and the body looses all of its white blood cells and is vulnerable to any sneeze or cough nearby. With a weakened immune system, even a cold could kill you.

We are praying that Fred Hutch agrees that he has already had enough, and that he can begin the final phase – the cord blood transplant. After receiving the transplant, he will be in UW Hospital for three months while his body learns to make new healthy bone marrow on its own, and to keep him in an environment that will prevent common germs from attacking.

If Fred Hutch wants him to have the final two rounds first, the transplant will likely be in February sometime. But whenever it happens, he knows your prayers and generous donations are sustaining him.

For the many of you who pledged your financial support on a monthly, quarterly, or one time basis, thank you. Your gifts will get the family through January! Ed’s disability benefits have been approved, and he will receive about 2/3 of his pay check amount. God has been providing for all of the needs of the Jackson family thus far, and I have no doubt that He will continue to use wonderful people like all of you to help make up the difference while he fights the cancer war.

As we get to the end of 2009, please consider making another donation to the Ed Jackson Medical Fund either on line though Pay Pal at or to RHCF (PO Box 22424 Seattle, WA 98122). I will send out receipts for your tax deductible gifts in January.

May God richly bless you all in 2010! Barb

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