Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 12, 2010

Dear Friends of Ed and Cora,

Here’s the “Ed” Report!

Ed Jackson is a fighter! And the fight against the leukemia continues.

Yesterday was a tough one! Ed finished his last round of chemo at Virginia Mason. As, has been the case, every other chemo knocks him on his butt, and this one was no exception. He contracted severe pneumonia and has been fighting a high fever. For too long, the fever hovered at an alarming 104. Prayers saw him through until the afternoon, and the fever came down. Thank you to all of you who responded with prayers today. He'll remain at Virginia Mason until his lungs clear.

Then, the second stage of this long process begins. At the end of this month, Ed will go to Fred Hutch for an intake appointment. He begins his Fred Hutch chemo around March 13th, followed by his cord blood transplant around March 19th. He will be hospitalized for the better part of a month, and then released to go home with daily visits to the hospital. This will be a medically vulnerable time for Ed whose immune system will still be fragile. After the cord blood transplant, anyone wanting to visit Ed will need to be healthy and have had both a flu shot and H1N1 shot. He will not be able to go out in public places until late May.

If all goes well, Ed may be able to return to work in July. Spirits are still high, victory is assumed. God is a faithful healer!

But that is just half the story! Cancer is not for sissies and cancer is not cheap!

Because of your generosity last fall, the family’s bills have been paid so far. However, the March mortgage is not in the bank, and the family will need help again. Your friendship and faithfulness have so far protected them from the financial disaster that accompanies this disease.

The Jacksons need your help again for the next part of this journey. You can send money directly to the Ed Jackson Medical Fund, c/o Righteous Harvest Christian Fellowship, P.O. Box 22424, Seattle, WA 98122 or make an online donation through the website at

You have been the most generous, faithful friends! Thank you to all who have made monthly pledges and given as you can. Thank you for those who pray for Ed’s healing and Cora’s strength as she cares for him.

Another fund raiser benefit concert with mass choir and raffle is planned for 7:00pm Saturday, April 10th at Greater Mt Baker Baptist Church, located at 2425 S. Jackson St in Seattle. We need volunteers to plan and work that evening. Please let Barb know if you can help as soon as possible.

God willing, this will be the last fundraiser the Jacksons will need!

Ed is half way there. Stay with us. Continue with us on this journey to Ed’s healing. At the end, we will celebrate together!

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